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Effective Communication Leads to the Release of the New Comfort Care Pink Plush Robe-Style Gown

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Dec 23, 2015 10:27:00 AM

Our premium medical laundry services are based on a customer service approach that allows us to develop long-term relationships with our customers. We operate using open communication channels with our customers through our services and processes, such as the Instant Service App and our dedicated Customer Advocates. Our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers through open communication is demonstrated through our new Comfort Care Pink Plush Robe-Style Gown. When it comes to our customers, we are all ears and will strive to come up with the best solution for accommodating their needs.


How the Comfort Care Pink Plush Robe-Style Gown was Fabricated

A couple months ago, our company introduced a new product to the Comfort Care line called the Pink Plush Robe-Style Gown. The gown was designed and fabricated to enhance patient satisfaction and raise breast cancer awareness. But, it wasn’t us that came up with the idea; it was one of the healthcare facilities that we serve. After our customer suggested that patients might enjoy a pink gown or robe, we were all ears.


More customer feedback requests came pouring in for a signature pink robe, and that’s when our company came up with the Comfort Care Pink Plush Robe-Style Gown. The gowns are ideal for imaging and breast medical centers that conduct mammograms because their pink color promotes breast cancer awareness and the fabric is extremely soft and comfortable. However, the new pink gowns can also increase patient satisfaction at any healthcare facility, whether it be an oncology center, women’s health center or obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) facility. 


When patients are provided with the Pink Plush Robe-Style Gown from the Comfort Care line, they experience a cozy, soft and comfortable environment that can instill a positive perception of the healthcare facility where they are receiving treatment. 


High-Quality Laundry Products

At ImageFIRST Fort Myers, we work as hard for our customers as they do for their patients, providing them with the laundry products they need, whether it be gowns, robes, bed linens or medical scrubs in Mobile, AL.


Increase Patient Satisfaction with the Comfort Care Line

Our Comfort Care line of soft and comfortable robes can lead to an increase in patient perception for medical facilities. Just ask Eastside Medical Center in Georgia. After switching from their previous laundry provider to the services of an ImageFIRST location in Georgia, their patient perception improved with the quality garments of the Comfort Care line. Their patients absolutely loved the Comfort Care line because the high-quality of the gowns and robes made them feel well-cared for, warm and comfortable during their treatment.


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