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Have You Met Violet? She’s the Only Purple Cow You’ll Ever Meet!

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Oct 6, 2015 10:09:00 AM

How many purple cows have you ever seen? If the answer is none, you may be speaking too soon. If you have driven through the country, you’ve probably spotted herds of black, white and brown cows. But, what would you do if you saw a purple cow? Perhaps you would stop to take pictures and share them with all of your friends and family. But what is it about the purple cow that makes it so unique? Well, it’s purple of course! As an unusual trait that makes it stand out from the rest, its purple fur is what makes it truly remarkable.

That’s why we adopted Violet, the purple cow, as our mascot. She represents our purpose at ImageFIRST Las Vegas, which is to positively impact the lives of our community, associates, customers and their patients. Just like Violet’s vibrant coat, we want to be remarkable. We recognize that anyone can say they are remarkable, but it’s only truly defined by what you do. That’s why we have developed our healthcare laundry services to be different than the rest.

blog-fortmyers1We are extremely passionate about meeting the needs of healthcare facilities as they take care of their patients, day in and day out. Violet symbolizes our relentless drive to provide the best products and services available to the ones who care for the health and well-being of others – YOU! We take great pride in partnering with healthcare facilities to ensure patient satisfaction through our laundry rental, cleaning and delivery.

Let’s say you were thirsty and wanted some fresh milk. When weighing your options, you’d most likely prefer to get it from Violet, since she is so remarkable! In this way, we offer services that are different compared to other healthcare laundry companies. How is that? Well, as Violet would say, let’s set the “mooood”!

You Get AssuranceFIRST

Our quality control program ensures that you never have to worry whether your linens, scrubs, gowns and lab coats will be sanitized. You can depend on us to have them protected with packaging and on the shelf when you need them. It's cleanliness you can rely on, with the most comprehensive sanitation process and quality checks along each step.

Your Patients Get ComfortFIRST

To give your patients an extraordinary care experience, they need to feel relaxed and comfortable. We only provide top quality gowns and robes including our exclusive premium Comfort Care™ line of patient garments, which provide a soft and soothing experience.

We Give You ValueFIRST

With easy-to-read invoices that reflect the inventory level you need for your patient load, you get the same bill every week, as well as inventory management and inventory optimization to get the best value.

We Offer You Professional Healthcare Industry Expertise

We’re not just a rental and laundry services provider with a department covering healthcare. We only focus specifically on the industry, so we understand firsthand the challenges you face daily. We’re here to help you achieve patient satisfaction, prevent healthcare-associated infections and alleviate the workload of your staff.

We Provide Truly Exceptional Service

Don't settle for just a delivery person dropping off product wrapped in twine. When it comes to ensuring positive patient outcomes, your ImageFIRST Las Vegas dedicated representative, also known as a "Customer Advocate," is your partner. Your assigned Customer Advocate will assist you with managing your medical laundry inventory so that you can concentrate on what matters most: your patients!

blog-fortmyers2So, when you see our purple cow seal, you will know that it stands for our commitment to providing services that include something remarkable and extraordinary. When you partner with us, you ensure patient satisfaction through high-quality linens and exceptionally managed services.