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Strengthening the Community: An ImageFIRST Story

Posted by ImageFIRST on Jul 7, 2016 9:52:56 AM

At ImageFIRST Fort Myers, there is a real and present need for the services that we provide. We’re assisting the men and women of the medical profession. We’re providing linens to patients in need of comfort during a stressful time. We’re doing our part to enrich the patient experience as a whole.

In recent months, ImageFIRST has been giving back to the communities we serve across the nation. For example, in early June, ImageFIRST North Carolina participated in a giving event with a local school, providing supplies and monetary donations to students.

The ImageFIRST North Carolina team traveled to Allen Jay Preparatory Academy to spend a day with the students and educators. The associates were impressed by the high morale and spirit of the students. The educators and administrators used music and games to encourage student involvement, plus morning rallies (something we use in our own facilities) to encourage students to work their hardest. When the associates donated the money and uniforms to the academy, the administrators, educators and students stood and clapped in appreciation.

For ImageFIRST, community giving is a part of who we are as an organization. Our main cause is improving the lives of medical professionals and the people they serve; that isn’t our only cause, however. We strive to give back to the communities that we operate out of and to strengthen our bonds with the families and individuals that we work around.

At ImageFIRST Fort Myers, our history of charitable giving precedes us. We encourage every single member of our teams to do what is in their ability to grow the communities that they work and live in. We look forward to doing even more as our company continues to grow. 

Every month of the year, an ImageFIRST team is donating time, money and products to the people who need it most. We’ve worked to establish our company not only known for our achievements in our industry but for the bars that we set outside of it.

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