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The Family Standard: Making A Difference In Our Work

Posted by ImageFIRST on Mar 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM

In the world of healthcare, there are numerous industry standards. Some standards are set forth by government agencies, others by healthcare organizations. At ImageFIRST Fort Myers, we adhere to each one that applies to our work and one that we hold ourselves to -- the family standard.

We wouldn’t give your patients something we wouldn’t give our own family.

Putting an emphasis on patient care, we strive to provide the utmost quality in our linen from patient gowns to nurses uniforms in Fort Myers, FL. Our family standard is used to evaluate every piece of linen that leaves our facility, ensuring that it is of superior quality before it reaches the shelves of the medical facilities throughout Fort Myers, FL. 

This standard is stressed to every one of our associates to ensure that if they see a piece of linen that isn’t fit for their own family, they won’t deliver it.

The family standard doesn’t just extend to our visual inspections. It also informs all of the other processes we go through to ensure that all of our linen is cleaned to the greatest possible degree. We’ve consistently raised the bar on what can be expected from a medical linen service with unique offerings like:

  • Triple Bioshield Protection®: Using cutting-edge technologies, the laundering process is made even more effective. “Dead on contact” wash formula delivers linens that go beyond hygienically clean standards. BacStat Bioshield bacteria-inhibitor softener coat ensures that even when fabric comes into contact with contaminants, they are unable to spread.
  • Our Plush : Switching to our Comfort Care line of patient gowns is guaranteed to improve patient’s perception of a facility by at least 50% -- or you receive a free month of service on us. The Comfort Care line is designed with patients’ needs in mind to make for an enhanced experience.
  • Our Inventory Management and Transparent Billing: By monitoring healthcare facilities’ inventory, we’re able to provide them with the right amount of linens and avoid charging for what they don’t use.

To learn more about our family standard, the other standards we adhere to or our nurse scrubs in Fort Myers, FL, visit us online.